What I Learnt About Tala And Other Loan Apps

Best use of Tala and other loan apps
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Millions of Kenyans are now using loan apps to access quick credit services through their mobile phones.Am one of them for a year now but am also a blogger always on the look for anything worth to share to my readers.I do test the apps ,new or updated.

To be sincere, Tala is the most popular among the growing list of loan apps.Branch comes second, the most beautiful and easy to use.Haraka is placed third,Saida is fourtth according to the number of downloads from play store and the number of my blog viewers looking for 'loan app' information.Don't also forget to check out Utunzi loan app and Shika loan app.

Now combining the information I get as a loan apps user and as a 'customer care' sort of a blogger,there are things I learnt and important to share.

Location and Contacts.

Tala and Branch don't like to expose where their premises are.They also don't like customers to call them.They'll call you when the need arises. You can only get them on through the app, social media and through email.

Many Kenyans wondered why they are hiding their locations and some of their contacts.The thing is they are after eliminating traditional office visits and human involvement like making and receiving calls.Customers depend on the apps,which is being 'digital'.

Loan apps are trust based.They don't know you but they give you a loan.Why are you looking for them? There are instances though that require human communication. Check below;

Read how to contact branch loan support team
Read how to contact Tala loan support team

Changing Devices (Phones)

Changing your mobile phone is not allowed.Tala and Branch will give you error messages like 'your account is linked to another device'. If you do change your device,you need to make the loan apps know about it.

Loan apps use the information in your device to calculate your credit worthiness. Using another device will mean you want to use another persons data to get a loan which is not right! For instance, if you use your friend's device loaded with a lot of good data(a lot of MPesa transaction messages) because he/she's a manager somewhere and you're jobless,you'll end up being given a big loan which you won't afford to repay it.

Now you know why changing devices is not allowed unless reported. Use the contacts above to inform Tala or Branch about changing devices.

Loan Limits

Loan limits increase with time.That the normal expectation.Its never that way all through. There are factors which can make your loan limit drop.

If you get late with repayment or default or take lower amounts than your current loan limit or your device usage drops,your loan limit will drop.

Be careful with your 'friends invitation rewards'.If you take a loan only targeting to redeem your rewards points it must be higher than your loan limit.Anything below will drop your next loan limit.


Yes it happens that some customers overpay their loans.Most have called me to ask for the way forward.What Tala, Branch and other loan apps do is they credit your account with the overpaid amount. Don't expect a reversal as what most customers wanted.Next time you take a loan,the overpaid amount will be used to settle the loan when due.

App Compatibility

You can start off well with the loan apps but after some upgrades,you might get incompatibility messages. That's the right time to get a new (higher android system) device.Some Kenyans have been asking for other ways to get loans from Tala,Branch or Haraka.Unfortunately, its only through the apps.

If you're using windows phone or I phones,you can't access loans from the current loan apps.It will be possible only after the companies make windows phone and iPhone compatible loan apps.

Read Are there loan apps for windows phone?

CRB Blacklisting

I have again received a lot of calls and messages of Kenyans talking about being blacklisted.Just take loan apps serious just like any big lenders because they do submit names to the CRB for blacklisting if you don't pay your loans.

Loan Repayment

Ensure you follow the correct steps while repaying your loan.The Paybill numbers and account numbers are very important ways confirm that your account is updated after repaying that loan.First time customers make mistakes while repaying.

If you don't follow up after repaying and by bad luck if you made a mistake somewhere,you might get blacklisted and that's not a good thing.Some call me three months later after they get blacklisted. Just be careful with all the steps.

Thank you.Now you know one or two things about how to deal with loan apps.


  1. I don't know why I can't get loan after applying several times ,I know I'm not blacklisted so maybe I'm not lucky


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