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CBK ,KBA To Host Inaugural Euromoney Kenya Conference

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Euromoney Nairobi Kenya Conference 2017
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Central Bank Of Kenya (CBK) in association with Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) will host The Euromoney Kenya Conference happening for the first time on May 9th in Nairobi.

The Nairobi Euromoney Conference carries the theme; Financial Inclusion 2.0 Expanding Kenya's Digital Financial Ecosystem meaning it will be all about financial inclusion, financial tech advancement and financial ecosystem improvements.

Kenya have been chosen as the first stop where the Financial Inclusion Conference will be happening because the nation have been in the front row when it comes to fintech innovations and usage with the recent innovations being CBK's M-Akiba and KBA's Pesalink.

Attendants including invited government officials, economists & financiers,business leaders and any other fintech players will have a chance to discuss on development of digital businesses & ecosystems and making new propositions in Kenya.

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