Equitel, eCitizen Partner In Eazzy Payment Deal

Equitel has partnered with ecitizen to help Kenyans easily pay for servives
Ecitizen Kenya,a government services online platform has partnered with Equitel Kenya,a mobile telecommunications and banking services provider to help with easy payment of fees by clients.

In the partnership, eCitizen will be the provider of the services sort by Kenyans through the online portal while equitel will be used to receive payments for such services made through Paybill no. 206206

While communicating with the public,the Equity Bank which owns Equitel Kenya posted this message;

Equitel has partnered with eCtizen platform and introduced an EazzyPay Paybill Number 206206 for payment of driving license fees, name and land searches, passport applications and business permits. Nyeri, Kisumu and Mombasa Counties are also using the same Paybill Number to accept payments for services such as public health certificates and liquor licenses.
 The lender further added that the Paybill number is open to receive payments from all mobile networks including Safaricom, Airtel and Orange because it's interoperable.
Equitel partners with eCitizen to improve revenue collection and accountability while enhancing the quality of services for taxpayers in County governments and departments within ministries. There are 137 government services that can be paid using EazzyPay 206206 Paybill Number via Equitel STK menu, USSD and Eazzy Banking App. The Paybill number is interoperable meaning that it can receive payments from all other mobile money transfer services.
Ecitizen Kenya services can be accessed through a mobile app or on the website www.ecitizen.go.ke

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