Lipa Later,New Credit Solution Introduced.

Lipa later is Odyssey capitals new credit facility where Kenyans get electronics on credit terms
@Odyssey_Capital Lipa Later
Many times people have electronics in their 'wish lists'. They can be cameras, fridges,mobile phones,TV sets or any other electronic? Not wishes anymore? Odyssey Capital, a micro lender has introduced a new financing service dubbed Lipa Later which mean 'pay in the future,'

Lipa Later is the micro lender's service that aims at making technology affordable in Kenya by providing wished for electronics to clients the client will pay for it in monthly instalments later.

Lipa Later Details

  • Applications are processed within 3 minutes
  • Repayment period can go up to a year (12 months)
  • Interest rate on the facility is flexible and affordable
  • Loan amount is the wished electronic  market  price

How Lipa Later Works

  1. Interested people fill in an online application on lipa later or visit any of the participating stores to inquire about the service and submit required documents
  2. If application gets approved,pay upfront fee (also know as deposit) and collect your electronic device.
  3. Start making monthly payments until you fully settle your loan which is the device price plus the interest.

Lipa Later Participating Partners

Electronic stores participating in Lipa Later service in Kenya currently include;
  • Samsung Kenya Outlets
  • Officemart
  • Neptune
  • Anisuma
  • Sony Kenya stores
  • Finecom Mobiles
If you want to get that dream electronic,check in all these above stores or check the Odyssey Store itself through the below contacts;

Location: Daykio Plaza,Ngong lane ,Nairobi .
Call:0791510501 or 0701946405.

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