CBA Loop Unveiled To Unbank Kenyans

Unbank yourself with the CBA loop
@CBA_Group_ Loop

Forget M-shwari,Commercial Bank Of Africa (CBA) under the slogan #UnbankYourself unveiled yet another revolutionary tool in the digital banking and finance industry in Kenya dubbed  'CBA Loop'.

Eric Muriuki,MD of  CBA's New Business Ventures department officiated the launch of CBA Loop,a finance management and consumer banking services  platform,first of its kind in Kenya targeting at and fulfilling tech savvy Kenyans.

What's CBA Loop

Its a platform where registered customers will be able to manage their finances,spend,save and make payments.Customers can also access loans,pay for utilities,send money and make standing orders without charges or visiting any banking hall!And that's the meaning of Unbanking Yourself.

The platform is accessible through a mobile phone app.You can get the CBA Loop on Plastore or App Store.

How To Join The Loop

After you download and instal the CBA Loop into your mobile device,you'll go ahead and fill in all the required registration details.
Ready! Now you'll need to visit a loop zone or loop store or loop centre.This is where you'll be given a credit card designed just for you .Now deposit cash into your account and start transacting right away!

Loop Zones

CBA started off with loop zones within Nairobi,where majority of the tech savvy customers reside according to a research done by the bank.Loop zones are found within major malls and the City Centre in Nairobi.

Unbank Yourself Kenya

Now enabled.You can transact,get detailed information about your spending, access credit facilities and make payments without visiting the bank.This saves your time and energy which can be used to persue your career dreams,business dreams or any other dreams.

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