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Branch Loan App - How to Download App and Apply For Loans ,Repay via M-Pesa Paybill, Contacts

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Branch International app

Branch loan app,trading as Branch International is a fast and affordable loan giver in Kenya taking care of everybody including the remote area dwellers and the unbanked.

Note that; this information is for Kenyans.
If you're from Nigeria, read ;  How To Contact Branch International App Customer  Care in Nigeria 

Branch targets Kenyans with android mobile phone devices with active and established Facebook and Mpesa accounts.The service is accessible through a mobile phone app.

The lender disburse loans instantly from as low as kes250 to as high as kes50000 through Mpesa.The loan repayment period ranges between 1 month and 1 year charged on a flexible interest rate.Interest rate is majorly dependent on customer's credit score.

How to use Branch Loan App

I have been using Branch international app myself and that's why am confident to recommend it to you.


  • Download Branch loan app here
  • Sign up with Facebook
  • Now you have a Branch app account. Touch the menu icon on the top left corner and select 'promotions'.Enter z0ngjq (in this code, 0 is number zero but not letter o) and press 'Apply code' at the bottom.This way you'll make Branch know that you got this information from Loans Kenya Blog.
  • To ask for a loan,touch the menu icon on top left corner and select 'Apply for a loan'
  • You'll get the loan into your Mpesa account instantly.
That's all!

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