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3 Safaricom Mpesa Loans

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'Safaricom Mpesa Loans' is a popular search phrase among Kenyans nowadays on Google if you are observant. I have received numerous calls from my blog readers asking for the same.Maybe Safaricom should do something about it.

The real situation is ,Kenyans are like they expect to wake up one morning and get an SMS from safaricom Limited saying 'Dear Subscriber,you can now Okoa Mpesa up to kes50000!Check your new Mpesa Menu'.Sounds good.If it worked and still works for okoa jahazi,okoa bundles ,why not okoa Mpesa?

If you are among the people looking for safaricom Mpesa loans,then continue reading this post.Safaricom have not yet engaged itself to the business of giving out loans.Safaricom's Mpesa platform however,is being used by lenders to send money to borrowers and to receive money from borrowers.Just that!

The most popular lenders using the Mpesa platform to give out loans are the 'trust based' mobile loan apps including Tala Kenya,Branch International,Haraka loan app and Saida loan app.

Read more about mobile loan apps in Kenya.

Update ; 
Apart from the loans listed below, Safaricom Launched Fuliza Mpesa Loans. Check how to apply for Fuliza Mpesa loans now.

To share on the costs incurred, safaricom went into business partnerships with Commercial Bank of Africa(CBA) to provide Mshwari and Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) to provide KCB Mpesa .

M-shwari and KCB Mpesa provide savings and lending services to all Safaricom subscribers. The services are accessible through the subscriber menu and now Safaricom App by selecting "Loans and Savings". Note that before you can borrow,one must save money for sometime.

How to borrow from KCB Mpesa


  • Go to Mpesa
  • Select Loans and Savings
  • Select KCB Mpesa
  • Select Loan
  • Select Request Loan
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter period (in months)
  • Enter Mpesa PIN
  • Select OK
You can also dial USSD code *844# and follow the prompts or download the KCB mobile banking app and apply for loans.

How to borrow from M-shwari

  • Go to Mpesa 
  • Select Loans and Savings
  • Select M-shwari
  • Select Loan
  • Select Request Loan
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter PIN
  • Select OK

Now if you have the new my Safaricom app, you can select "Mpesa" and then "Loans and Savings" and proceed to choose M-shwari or KCB Mpesa.

Thank you and share.


Mwabaya Katana

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  1. IPESA is putting so many through a lot of misery. I personally believe it's worse than Okash. Kindly check the reviews on Google Play & then rethink this article.
    From a concerned Citizen