How To Invite Friends And Earn Commission On Branch Loan App

Branch International app

Did you you that as a branch loan app client,you can also earn commissions from friends referrals apart from borrowing quick loans? Since the introduction of the new branch loan app late last year,existing app users can earn ksh300 for each referred friend who successful repays their first loan.

Branch international assigns each customer with a unique promotion code which is then used as the referral path for that single customer.The code can be shared to social media platforms for example Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn or shared on SMS apps for example whatsap and messenger.

If you want to use Branch for the first time,simple download the loan app and enter promotion code z0ngjq (in this code 0 is number zero) after downloading the app.Touch the menu icon on the top left corner and select 'Promotions'.

How to invite friends

How to invite friends from social media on branch loan app

  • Tap on the three bars on the upper left hand corner to get to the menu.
  • Select 'invite friends' (your code will show)
  • Tap 'invite friends' at the bottom centre
  • Select the messaging or social media app to invite friends from.
  • Your friends will finally receive your invitation message for their action.

How to earn commission

How to earn commission on branch loan app

Make your invited friends know about the first point below,the other points are just for you the existing client.

  • Your friends should enter your promotion code in the branch app under 'promotions' tab
  • You will receive a message when your invited friends applies your promotion code
  • You will receive ksh300 every time a friend repays their first loan
  • The bonuses you earn will be redeemed against your next loan


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