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7 Cheque Discounting Companies In Kenya

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Cheque cashing points in kenya
Cheque Discounting also called Cheque Cashing helps Kenyans access immediate cash from lenders against current or post dated cheques.The cash obtained is normally lower than the cheque face value.The dueducted amount ranging between 3 percent to 10 percent acts as commission.

An individual or a company may seek cheque discounting services to settle emergencies. Some commercial banks do give cheque cashing services but to only individuals or businesses who opened bank accounts with them.The banks I know currently are ABC Bank,Faulu MFB,Equity Bank,DTB and Family Bank.

What will happen if you wanted to cash a cheque and you don't have a bank account with any of the banks mentioned above?Don't panic because I have already found 7 credit-only(non deposit taking) Cheque Cashing companies for all.

1.Mwananchi Credit 

Mwananchi Credit Limited gives quick cash against current and post dated cheques at a competitive commission rate


Pension Towers Mezzanine2,Lolita Street,Nairobi OR Eco bank Towers 2nd floor,opposite Six-Eighty Hotel,Muindi Mbingu street, Nairobi.
Call:020 2221882,0701 396 027,0731 888 825

2.Jijenge Credit

Jijenge Credit Limited purchases current cheques issued to individuals by reputable companies at a favourable commission.


0722 843 770 or 0717 282 727

3.New Bridge Capital

New Bridge Capital accepts individuals' current and post dated cheques drawn by reputable companies in exchange for cash at a competitive commission.


New Bridge Capital Ltd|Tigoni Acceptances Ltd,Auto Galaxy compound, Opposite Kwacha House Westlands Nairobi.
Call:020 4400477

4.Discount Capital Ltd

Discount Capital will discount current and post dated cheques for businesses only and must be drawn from reputable companies.


International Life House, Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi.
Call:0713 383 855

5.Metropol Capital

Metropol Capital will pay cash against current cheques from reputable companies at a favourable commission.


Tom Mboya Street,Nairobi
Call:020 2224290 or 0710 145 166

6.Leaston Credit

Leaseton credit cashes current cheques for individuals drawn by reputable companies.


Trance Towers ,5th floor,Tsavo Road,Off Mombasa Road.
Call:0700 867 053

7.FSI Capital

This microfinance company gives out 97% of the current cheque face value as cash.This means they charge a 3% commission.


Eco Bank Towers,8th floor,Muindi Mbingu Street,Nairobi.
Call:0792 788 956 or 0792 788 959

Bonus Company

Kenalisha Limited  

Kenalisha Company Limited is the best in offering fast and affordable cheque discounting services  in Kenya. 

Contacts and Location 

 Pension Towers,11th floor, Loita Street
in Nairobi, Kenya.

Call ; 0710843720 or 0737574440

As usual,if there are other Cheque Cashing Points I left out,just add them as comments.


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