14 Best Minor Bank Accounts in Kenya

Top best minor bank accounts in kenya
Child Bank Acc Kenya
Which is the best bank for my child? Where can we open savings accounts for our kids? How can I get a home bank savings kit for my children? How much money should I have to open a savings bank account for my minors?

At Loans Kenya,we understand that it can always be challenging to easily identify a suitable child savings account from the vast of commercial banks already legally licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to offer banking services in the country.For that reason we came up with a good list of the best savings accounts for currently.

Why Open Savings Accounts For Kids

When you open a savngs bank account for children,the gain the following benefits happen;

  • You introduce your kids to a savings culture
  • You teach the children financial discipline
  • You easily plan for the kids' future
  • You keep the children's money safe
  • You create financial independency for your kids

Documents Required To Open Bank Accounts For Minors

The documents needed to open an account for your children from any commercial bank in Kenya are;

  • Your child's original birth certificate or adoption papers
  • Parent/guardian national ID or passport

Now let's get back to our list of top child bank accounts in Kenya.Though there are other features used to rank these accounts in the banking market,in our case we are going to consider the minimum account opening balance. The list starts with the most expensive to the cheapest child bank account to open in Kenya.

14.Tausi Junior Account - Kenya Women Microfinance Bank

  • There's a free education insurance cover per account
  • You get free quarterly cash withdrawals
  • You get a free home bank kit
  • Have access to a free banker's cheque for school fees
  • Access to free standing orders

13.Pebble Account - Chase Bank of Kenya

  • Minimum account opening balance is ksh2000
  • Savings above ksh2000 earns interest
  • Access to quarterly bank statements
  • Make unlimited deposits
  • One free banker's cheque per quarter
  • Zero ledger fees
  • Free money box
  • Access to Pebbles partner outlets for great discounts

12.Junior Eagle Account- Barclays Bank of Kenya

  • Minimum opening and operating balance ksh2000
  • No maintenance fees
  • Four free withdrawals per year
  • Interest earned on savings above ksh2000

11.Jumbo Junior Account- Cooperative Bank of Kenya

  • Minimum opening balance is ksh1050
  • Access to major discounts on stationery, meals and medical services
  • Discounted bank cheques for school fees payment

10.Young star Account - ABC bank Kenya

  • Account opening balance ksh1000
  • Access to free deposits
  • Free internal standing orders
  • Interest is paid on monthly savings
  • Free e- statements
  • One free monthly withdrawal
  • One free banker's cheque per quarter
  • Free insurance cover

9.Smart Kids Save Account- GTbank of Kenya

  • Account opening balance ksh1000
  • No ledger fees
  • Minimum monthly balance ksh1000
  • Savings earn interest
  • Free annual statements
  • One free withdrawal per month
  • Enjoy unlimited deposits

8.Junior Saver Account- Consolidated Bank of Kenya

  • Account opening balance ksh1000
  • No charges levied on the account
  • Free banker's cheque for paying school fees
  • Savings earn interest
  • Four withdrawals per year
  • Free home bank kit

7.Prime Junior Account- Prime Bank of Kenya

  • Account opening balance ksh1000
  • Minimum operating balance ksh1000
  • Numerous bonuses at the end of the year

6.Young Savers Account - I&M Bank

  • Account opening balance ksh1000
  • Maximum of six withdrawals per year
  • Free transactions
  • No account maintenance fees
  • Access to discounts at selected shops and outlets
  • Savings earn interest
  • End year bonuses

5.KCB Cub Account- KCB

  • Opening balance ksh1000
  • One free standing order per month
  • Free saving kit
  • Savings earn 7.35% interest per year
  • Free education insurance cover

4. 123 Cool Kids Account- Bank of Africa(BOA)

  • Opening balance ksh500
  • Minimum account operating balance ksh500
  • One free banker's cheque per term
  • Home bank savings kit
  • Access to school fees loan
  • No ledger fees
  • Two free statements of account per year

3.Smata Account- Post Bank of Kenya

  • Account opening balance ksh200
  • Account operating balance ksh200
  • Minimum deposit ksh50
  • You get a free debit card

2.Equity Junior Account- Equity Bank 

  • Account opening balance ksh200
  • Minimum operating balance ksh200
  • Free internal standing orders
  • Two free withdrawals per year
  • Zero maintenance fees
  • Free home bank saving kit
  • Access account over ATM,Bank,Mobile and agents.

1.Mdosi Junior Savings Account - Family Bank of Kenya

  • Account opening balance ksh200
  • Nil ledger fees charged on the account
  • Free home bank savings kit
  • Free banker's cheque for paying school fees
  • Free internal standing orders
  • Three free withdrawals per year
  • Access to loans of up to 90% the savings
  • Minimum interest earning balance is ksh5000


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