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Thursday, December 01, 2016

How To Contact Branch Loan App Officers

    December 01, 2016   24 comments

Branch international loan app contacts in kenya
Branch International
How can I contact Branch loan givers?Where can I get Branch direct mobile phone numbers?Which is the way to reach Branch lender?This is what the Branch loan app users have been asking Loans Kenya.

Branch International is a fast and affordable mobile loan giver in Kenya and recently Tanzania.Branch gives out loans of up to ksh50000 in minutes through Mpesa anywhere in Kenya,a situation which have already been liked by thousands of Kenyans.Remember Branch loan app is not alone.

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In life while using a service or a commodity, its normal to bump into a situation that you'll need to seek help for and Branch loan app is not exceptional.Just the same way Kenyans have been asking for Tala formerly mkopo rahisi contacts from Loans Kenya, Branch customers are doing it now.But Why Loans Kenya? That's another post.

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How To Contact Branch loan Lender

As the founder,Loans Kenya Blog, I took a move to ask for the contacts and physical location for Branch and this is what I got;
Hi Mwabaya, thanks for writing to us. Our Office is in Westlands Nairobi, along Waiyaki Way. At the moment we mainly provide off-site support, you can let us know what you need from this chat and we will be more than happy to assist. If you would like to set up a meeting please write to us on support@branch.co with the details and we will forward them to the relevant department to set up an appointment. - KM

From the above reply,we found that Branch and Tala are just the same in the way customers should communicate to them.They are remote 'off-site' loan lenders that clients should not think about face to face assistance unless otherwise.

Ways to contact Branch

These are the main four ways a branch loan app client can communicate with the lender;

  1. Use the in-app customer care service
  2. Use the email address support@branch.co to seek clarification or book an appointment
  3. Visit Branch Facebook page 
  4. Visit Branch Twitter handle
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Mwabaya Katana

About Mwabaya Katana

Mwabaya Katana is a Finance Online Researcher and Writer.He is the founder of 'Loans Kenya' Blog.

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  4. I have been a good customer of branch,to day I payed my loan with I wet supposed to pay for two months,i payed it today in full but I was surprised when u denied me aloan???

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