How To Dispute Lenders, CRB via Tatua Centre

What happens if you are wrongly blacklisted by CRBs in Kenya?Yes,it happens and the impact is that the associated customers get locked out of borrowing from commercial banks,microfinance institutions and other legitimate financiers resulting in living miserable lives.

Painful! The question is now is 'How can an affected consumer dispute the associated lenders easily and  less expensively?'

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The usual way is by filing a case at a court of law against the associated lenders who you feel  wrongly blacklisted you.This however proved too expensive and takes years.

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 introduced the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) forms to access justice. This is why the Credit Information Sharing (CIS) set Tatua Centre ,a Constitutional recognized form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
Tatua centrer helps in disputing lenders and crb

Tatua Centre ,located at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS), mediate issues between Credit providers like banks, MFIs and individuals who have been adversely listed by CRBs.

The Centre however, doesn't cover all complaints from consumers adversely affected by CRB listing. Tatua Centre caters for disputes associated with information about a credit consumer stored by CRBs that is inaccurate,erroneous or outdated.

To begin the process of using CIS-ADR  dispute resolution criteria,the affected credit consumers can visit Tatua Center website or call 020 2652308/8646267


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