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Kopa Cash is an online sacco that's availing quick credit services to its members in less than 30 minutes after asking for a loan.The loans are disbursed through M-pesa accounts.

Kopa cash Kenya chama

How Kopa Cash Works 

  • Interested Kenyans register as members online on the Kopa Cash website (www.kopacash.com).
  • After a member joins the Chama,he/ she can now start saving money in his or her account.
  • After a month of membership,one can now apply for a quick loan of up to three times(3×) his or her savings.
  • Loan will be sent directly to the members M-pesa account in his/her mobile phone within less than 30 minutes.
  • New members save a maximum of kes3000
  • First loan never get over kes10000
  • Good loan repayment habit can make a member qualify for a big loan up to kes100000  
To contact Kopa Cash,use this information;

  • Call;0790424255
  • Email: info@kopacash.co.ke



  1. i have not yet receive the verification code

  2. Replies
    1. I had apply for a loan payed required amount said after48hrs but no reply since

  3. Hello kopa kash, I was trying to register my number on your account where by I put ksh.2007 instead of Ksh.100 for registration, Mpesa Code PEN5A4XFV7 kindly help me out on how to get my cash back, which number can I get you with pls...0790425255 is not going through.thanks hope to hear from you soonest
    Rahab karanja

  4. Pls act on the email I have sent Thanks

  5. I'm still waiting for your feedback till the date

  6. I have applied for a loan since yesterday for 24 hours now but there is no response please if it is not possible let me no return my 100 bob

  7. I applied for a loan and I was told to wait for 48 hours bt there is no response till now

  8. I have not yet received since my loan request was processed. Why?

  9. Please , Let me have my ksh100 back, I don't want your loan.

  10. I was told to wait for thirty minutes but it has now reached 48 hours,why can't you learn to be honest my friends?

  11. I applied loan morning I payed my 100 bob till now not yet

  12. Am also shocked to see comments from other applicants that no one has ever received the loan applied
    Let me wait and see what will happen unto my request too

  13. I have paid 100 and I have not received my loan

  14. Kindly kopa kash, , its my second time applying for a loan tho there is no reply, , whats wrong, , , do justice n honest pliz

  15. Please i have appling today for a laon by the name Ekai Akiru Dorcas bt i dont need money enymore just dont send thank you for you service bt ❌ the loan please don't think 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Sitaki loan tena msinitumie sawa


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