KCB sets 14.5pc Interest Rate on Loans

The Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has set its interest rate on all it's credit facilities at 14.5 percent per annum to be in line with the recently set banking laws.

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The lender will now give out loans to creditable borrowers who will seek credit facilities from today 30th August 2016 at an interest rate of 14.5% pa.All loan applications received from today are considered 'new loans' and will attract the above interest rate.Loans issued before today will be handled as per the directive still awaited to communicated from the Central Bank of Kenya.

Kcb bank has set 14.5% as the new interest rate on all new loans being in line with the new banking amendment 2015
KCB CEO- Joshua Oigara

Through a short notice to the banks clients on social media today,the administrator made it clear that only new loans will be handled with the new 14.5% interest rate per annum.

Read the notice;

In compliance with Banking (Amendment) Act, all new loans are now capped at 14.5%. Guidance on existing loans awaits direction from CBK.

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