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CFC Stanbic Bank Launches Yuan to Kenya Shilling Direct Exchange

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Cfc stanbic yuan to ksh
Cfc Stanbic Bank has on Wednesday launched Chinese Yuan to Kenya shillings(Kes) direct exchange option available at all its branches nationwide.

The lender took this move to easy access to Kenyan shilling by the Chinese nationals doing business in the country.The tedious forex exchange channel which involved changing Yuan to Dollars then Dollars to Kes is over now.Yuan which is Chinese official currency exchanges at kes15.1189 (buying) and kes15.1556 (selling) as on 13th July 2016.

Traditionally, Kenyan Forex traders accepted only the currencies from the big economies in the world.These popular currencies include;US dollar(USD/$),Euro(€) and Great Britain Pound (GBP/£).

Exchange Rates(13th July 2016)

  • USD$;kes101.1683(buying) kes101.3683(selling)
  • Euro€; kes112.0556(buying) kes112.3122(selling)
  • GBP£; kes132.2528(buying) kes132.5650(selling)
  • SA Rand; kes7.0158(buying) kes7.0395(selling)
  • AE Dirham; kes27.5430(buying) kes27.5997(selling)

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