Agribusiness Kilimo loan givers in Kenya

Agribusiness loans kenya kilimo

Agriculture remains the economy's backbone for the country Kenya.Many farmers ask Loans Kenya about kilimo loans,general agribusiness loans and the kilimo loan providers in kenya.We did our research.

Kilimo agribusiness loans are credit arrangements that are availed to individuals or businesses participating along the agricultural production line.It includes crop cultivating,livestock keeping,farm machinery,agricultural products processing among other activities.

We have some of the best agribusiness kilimo loan providers below.

Juhudi Kilimo.
Juhudi Kilimo is the largest asset based agribusiness finance company in kenya.The lender provides loans in form of farm assets that will easy production leading to quick loan repayment.

Juhudi kilimo caters for both crop farmers and livestock keepers in kenya.The lender has branches spread upcountry.Read our post about Juhudi kilimo loans.

Agricultural Finance Corporation(AFC)
AFC is a government owned farmers' finacial solutions provider in kenya since 1963.AFC help farmer ,both animal keepers and crop cultivators, access cheap loans to grow their businesses.Check our post about AFC loans.

Youth Fund
Youth Fund,in partnership with Amiran kenya,is providing Greenhouse kits for youth groups.Amiran also dig fish ponds for youth groups in kenya.Contact Youth Fund on; 20 2346461

Brookside kenya.
Brookside kenya provide financial solutions to dairy farmers.Brookside provides very limited and selective assistance though.Contact Brookside on;0733639866,0735222264,0722205713,0722509901 or 0722130000

Commercial Banks.
Commercial banks in kenya that have well outlined agribusiness solutions for farmers include the following;

  • Equity bank of kenya
  • Chase bank
  • Transnational bank
  • Cooperative bank of kenya
  • Family bank of kenya
  • KCB
  • Faulu MFB
  • Kenya Women MFB

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