Safaricom Promises to Pay for Disconnected Calls.

Safaricom kenya
Safaricom boss,Bob Collymore has announced today,through a media briefing, two new products namely Call Guarantee and Data Manager.

Call Guarantee enables a safaricom subscriber to get refund of his/her airtime up to a value of one minute airtime when a call disconnection happens when calling another safaricom subscriber.

Safaricom will send a notification message to you telling you about the airtime refund.Call Guarantee is already up and running. I received a notification message from safaricom and it read;
Enjoy the widest and most reliable network. If your call is disconnected on our network, we will refund up to 1 minute talk time. KEEP THE CONNECTIONS GOING.
The other product launched was Data Manager,which is an app that helps those surfing the internet to control the amount of data bundles to consume for a given period.

It won't happen again that situation whereby when the data bundles run out,the system automatically consumes your airtime.

This move was well received by the Communication Authority in the Country.

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