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Maridadi business loans facility - Equity bank

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Maridadi business equity bank
Maridadi Business credit facility was developed just this week, to specifically cater for the entrepreneurs in the creative industry. 'Maridadi' is a Swahili word meaning being stylish.Its then clear that this credit solution targets the fashion industry.

With the tagline 'scaling up the creative industry', this Equity Bank's brand new loan facility targets all businesses in the textile and clothing line of the Kenyan economy.

Maridadi Business loan features.

  • The loan amount that borrowers can apply for ranges from kes5000 to kes100,000,000.
  • The loan caters for working capital purposes.
  • In association with the designers board,beneficiaries will get financial and entrepreneurship trainings.
  • Beneficiaries will get exposure through various local and global platforms where they'll easily market their designs
Fashion designers,tailors and all people along the Textile and Clothing value chain with existing businesses can take advantage of maridadi business loan facility from Equity bank.

Maridadi business Benefits.
Loan beneficiaries will enjoy the following;

  1. A business loan of up to kes100million
  2. Business property insurance
  3. Business advisory
  4. Finance and entrepreneurship trainings.
To get started, visit any Equity bank branch near you.

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