JCare,Jubilee Medical Insurance Cover

Jcare medical cover
Jcare Medical Cover is a medical insurance product that Jubilee Insurance Company provides to cater for both individuals and families health risks.

Jcare,is a medical insurance cover that was first intended to cater for inpatient cases initially. Today, the insurer added optional cases that the insured can ask for like personal accident cover benefits, outpatient cover,maternity cover,dental and optical cover and last expense cover.

Jcare is for all.The insurance policy covers individuals and family members of ages between one month to sixty years.

Jcare Premium Charges.
In insurance, the higher the possibility of a risk occurring, the higher the premium cost.The elderly pay more due to the easy in falling sick.How much can one or a family pay as premium for a year?Check the premium rates below;

  1. Inpatient cover- a family will pay between kes500000 and kes5000000 per annum.
  2. Outpatient cover- a person will have to pay between  kes50000 and kes150000 per annum
  3. Maternity cover- a mother will have to pay between kes80000 and kes150000 per year
  4. Dental and Optical cover- a person will pay between kes5000 and kes40000 per annum
  5. Last Expense cover- a person will pay between kes50000 and kes100000 per year.
  6. Personal Accident cover- a person will pay kes500000 per year.
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