Imarika Sacco Introduces Own Branded Visa Cards

Imarika hela visa card
Imarika Visa Card
Imarika Sacco,a national sacco with its headquarters in Kilifi,recently introduced an 'Imarika branded Visa Card' to continue impressing its rapidly growing number of membership dubbed 'Imarika Hela Debit Visa Card'.

The sacco, which is now conducting numerous sales campaigns along the coast region in order to woo even more members, introduced the new debit card to allow its clients to easily and conveniently access cash whenever needed. Launched alongside 'Imarika Hela Debit Visa' Card,was the 'Imarika Hela Mobile service' popularly 'hewani',a bank to M-pesa service.

The card which is available for use at any Visa Point can be used withdraw cash and pay for shopping, hotel services or filling services among other uses.

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