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Housing Finance ; Loans, Contacts

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Housing finance group mortgages
Housing Finance (HF)is the country's largest mortgage finance provider.Housing finance kenya ,now Housing Finance group provides home loan solutions to individuals,SMEs and Corporates in kenya.HF group consists of other subsidiaries including; HF Insurance Agency, HF Development and Investment and Housing Finance Foundation.

Loan Products.
The lender provide mostly house loan solutions.There are other credit solutions those catering for business and individual credit needs.

  • Mortgages include; makao,home owners mortgages, cyclical mortgages, Vuna Hela,home freedom mortgages, employer's sponsored schemes, cell mortgage and ezesha mortgage.
  • Project Financing; for example ,property improvements, single dwelling development and multi dwelling development.
  • Other loan products include;asset finance, SME business loan,unsecured loan,microcredit loan and sola pawa.
Housing finance can be reached at through;

  • 0722715256
  • 0722708660
  • 0722201175
  • 0733617682

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