Education Insurance Policy Providers in Kenya

Education elimu insurance kenya
To secure the future of your children's education,you might need an education insurance policy in addition to the normal bank savings which are ever at risk of being used for other purposes within the family day to day expenditures.

An education policy will enable a parent or guardian to save little bits of money with an education(masomo or elimu) insurance policy provider mainly an insurer or sometimes a commercial bank .The saved money will then be used to settle the school fees charges when the time will be ready.

The purpose of this post today is to answer our blog visitors question; Where can i get an education Insurance policy for my children?We are going to focus mostly on Insurance Companies than Commercial banks (bancassurance).

UAP insurance company gives Elimika education policy to kenyan parents and guardians.Throug this plan, they can save for their children education in the future.
To get a quote,call 0711065000

Old Mutual Kenya (OMK)
Old mutual insurance provides education policy in three different packages;

  • Rafiki Halisi Education plan- The premium ranges between kes1000 and kes65000 and saving period ranges between 10 years and 20 years.
  • Max Education Plan- premiums range between kes7000 and kes100000 and the saving duration should be between 10 and 20 years.
  • Lengo Education plan- premiums range between kes3000 and kes7000 and the saving duration should be above 10 years.Lengo education plan has the following  features; access to savings,Choice of premiums ,life cover and savings security.
To get an education policy quote, call 0711010800

Jubilee Insurance Kenya.
Jubilee Insurance provide Career life lite and Career Life Gold education plans.Both have almost the same features with the later demanding a higher premium than the former. Both Career life lite and Career life Gold allows a parent to save for future education expenses for their children for a duration ranging between 5years and 20 years.Call Jubilee Insurance on 0719 222 111

CIC Insurance
CIC Insurance provide Academia education policy that enables parents to save for their children future education for a period ranging between 9 to 18 years.Call CIC Insurance for more on 0703099120

Britam Insurance Kenya.
Elimu Bora education plan from Britam Insurance enables parents to save for their children's education in the future.The savings can be submited within a duration ranging between 13 to 19 years.Check Britam Insurance

APA insurance.
APA Elimu gives clients an opportunity to save for their future education.Read More about APA Insurance

Liberty Insurance.
Liberty insurance provide two education insurance plans; Scholar education plan and Educator education plan.Both plans help parents to save for the children's future education costs.To get more information ,call 0711076222

Madison Insurance.
Bima ya Karo from Madison Insurance company enables people to save for the eduction of their children in the future.Read more about Madison Insurance

Insurance Company of East Africa(ICEA) provide Usomi Bora education policy.Call ICEA for more on 0719071000 or 0730750000

Most Commercial Bank's have an insurance desk or a complete subsidiary named ' ban assurances which provide insurance solutions to the lender's clients.Bank's that have give education policies in kenya include;

  • CBAGroup
  • Equity Group
  • Barclay's bank
  • Standard Chartered bank
  • Cfc Group


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