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Sidian Bank - Loans, Contacts

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Sidian bank

Sidian bank @sidianbank is the newest member of the kenyan banking family regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).It was formerly known as K-repbank till last month when it changed its brand name.

Loan products.
Sidian bank offers both personal and business banking and lending solutions to kenyans.Personal loan facilities here include ;check off loans and sidian emergency loans.There are numerous business loan packages covering every
sector of the Kenyan economy. Some of the credit packages include;Chai loan,retail business loan,kilimo plus micro loan,jibebe flex loan,MCF entry loan,jaza stock loan,dharura loan,school fees loan,asset financing,chama biashara loan,jibebe individual open loan,MCF medium loan,SME corporate loan,maji ni maisha loan and ungana investment loan.


Sidian Bank Head Offices,
K-Rep Centre,
Wood Avenue, Kilimani,
P.O. Box 25363-00603,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel : +254)020-3906000/1-7
Mobile (1) : (+254)0711-058000/1-30
Mobile (2) : (+254)0732-158000/1-30

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