12 Organisations Funding Startups

There are international financial organisations that can fund Kenyan startups.Startups that are promising tend to win big.Sometimes loans won't work.Grants and Award can help in this case.Let's look at some of the financial organizations with or without stations in kenya that a startup can approach.

1. eVa Fund.
This organisation supports companies that use technology tto deliver content to its consumers in kenya.The technology targeted include, internet,mobile applications and e-commerce.

2. African Enterprise Challenge Fund- AECF
This Challenge is aimed at stimulating private sector entrepreneurs in kenya.Its managed by the International Fund for Agricultural Develop -IFAD.It targets ideas in agriculture, agribusinesses and financial services. AECF awards funds through competitions. The winner gets ksh150m and benefits from nil interest loans.

10th Floor,ABC Towers,ABC place
Waiyaki way,Nairobi.
Mobile;+254 20 269 9137|8|9

3. Acumen
Acumen provides seed capital to business ideas that are going to solve big problems.The Organisation is part of Rockefeller and Cisco System Foundations.

Call;+254 736 073 036

4. African Development Foundation-ADF
ADF provides both seed capital and technical support to its beneficiaries. It targets small holder farmers especially young women and girls.It awards funds of up to ksh25m to a startup.

Call +254 20 269 9137|8|9

5. African Media Ventures Fund- AMVF
AMVF invests in startup entrepreneurs in the media sector.Its both a venture capitalist and support provider.Startup Media companies who benefit get from ksh2m to ksh20m .

6. African Women's Development Fund -AWDF
AWDF focuses on women in groups preferring to deal in Reproductive Health,Peace and Security,Women's Rights,Governance, Arts-Culture and sports.This women investor awards between ksh800000 to ksh5m to beneficiary groups.

7. Agri Vie
Its a South African based organisation with focus in agriculture and agribusinesses. All startups and even semi-established companies in food and beverages ,animal products processing and marketing and crop cultivating can apply for an Agri Vie grant.

8. Bamboo Finance 
Bamboo invests in business serving low income communities. The goods and services provided must be affordable and essential with the end impact being a change in the quality of life to the served people. Startups with interest in improving people's life quality can get a grant.Email;in for bamboo finance.com

9. Fanisi Venture Capital Fund.
Fanisi venture capital

Fanisi comes in when all other venture capitalist overlooked a businesses. It finances businesses in diverse sectors of the Kenyan economy. Recent beneficiaries are HillCrest international schools and Ngare Narok meat industries.

10. Charities Aid Fund -CAF
As the name suggests, CAF invests in Charity oriented organisations. CAF awards grants ranging from ksh2.5m to ksh25m

11. FMO Entreprenueral Development Bank.
Focuses on economic sector which are extremely viable.They may include financial institutions, agriculture, food,energy and water.Beneficiaries get loans,grants and other tailor made financial solutions.

12. Ford Foundation.
The Ford Foundation targets initiatives aimed at reducing poverty and injustices, promoting democracy,creativity and achievements.This foundation serves mostly fellowships and minimally individuals.


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