Mkopo Rahisi becomes Tala Kenya

Tala kenya loan app
Tala kenya app

@inventure After two years of service providing quick and easy mobile loans to Kenyans, Mkopo Rahisi kenya is rebranding to Tala Kenya.The move was as a result of  long surveys, close interviews and open discussion forums done to mkopo rahisi customers in its span of existence. Therefore Tala Kenya is a micro loan app which is customer inspired.

What should Tala mean? The word has got different meanings in different languages thus reflecting the credit beneficiaries attended to through the app.

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What's new with Tala Kenya
There are more new features in Tala Kenya App which makes the clients more interested in using the it compared to mkopo rahisi.

  • Easy navigation while using Tala app
  • Short loan application process compared to mkopo rahisi app
  • Easy credit limit or loan limit checking
  • Tala users are members of the new community formed
  • Members earn referral incentives when they invite others
  • The overall loan limit have been raised to ksh50000
Tala kenya loans app
Tala app in action

How to get the app

All clients who have been using mkopo rahisi are considered members after they download and install Tala app.Existing customers of mkopo rahisi need to upgrade to Tala.New users must download and install the Tala Kenya app.Tala Kenya mobile loan app

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