Family Bank,Visa Kenya introduces mVisa to the world

@familybankkenya @visakenya The Family Bank of kenya and Visa kenya on Thursday, introduced the newest mobile banking financial solution technology to the world dubbed mVisa.During the launch dubbed mVisa Go Live ,The MD and CEO ,Family bank Ltd, David Thuku
had the following to say;
'We will not only be the first bank in in Africa bit also in Central Europe and Middle East to roll out this revolutionary service (mVisa) that puts Family bank at the center of innovative financial solutions in our transformative journey.'
 The ICT Director at the Family bank,Titus Mutoru was also in attendance to test the service.

mVisa family bank kenya
MD/CEO,David Thuku

How mVisa works.
mVisa is a service that moves all transactions that a family bank customer can do with a Visa card to the mobile platform.It enables a customer to transact without using the physical Visa card but through a mobile phone.People use Visa cards to buy goods and services. mVisa is cashless and cardless  shopping.

mVisa is incorporated into the pesa pap app after registration for customers with smartphones.Customers using feature(small) mobile phones can access mVisa through the USSD code *352# after registration.To start using mVisa visit any family bank branch near you and turn your mobile into a visa card.

Transacting using mVisa will be done at registered merchants for example hotels ,supermarkets,filling stations,hospitals and many more who will be provided with a Quick Response (QR) code.Instead of swiping cards,mVisa will allow a customer to scan the QR code for that merchant and pay for the goods or services.A QR code is just like a business till number but the difference is that its hidden.Use mVisa where you see mVisa sign.

The biggest advantage with using mVisa is that the transaction is done by the customer himself or herself thereby reducing fraud.Before,swiping a credit card would give permission to the attendant to deduct money from a customers account which was very risky.
Congratulations to Family bank and Visa kenya.

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