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Cooperative bank to upgrade Teachers lives with loans

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coop mwalimu upgrade  unsecured personal loans
Coopbank HQ
#CoopMwalimuUpgrade The cooperative bank of kenya is currently running a campaign meant to upgrade the Kenyan mwalimu's life by offering cheap and affordable personal loan facilities.The lender with over 140 branches countrywide is expecting to satisfy and actualise every interested teacher's dream which would otherwise be unachievable without loans.

The TSC employees with good credit reports will be eligible to apply for tailor made credit solutions customised to fit their needs.There are new emerging business ideas in kenya which teachers can take advantage of.The boda boda business, poultry rearing or vegetable cultivating are a few of the booming business hustles.

It's back to school season.It can be the right time to surprise your fellow teachers with a self ride! Enjoy unsecured personal loans from the coopbank.

Mwabaya Katana

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