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Century MFB

Century Microfinance Bank is a deposit taking micro lender licensed by the CBK to offer banking services to kenyans in the year 2012.Its considered the home to farmers because its primary goal is to reach the previously segregated economic sector from the face of the already existing financiers.Century MFB also serves all businesses in other sectors of the economy though.

Loan Products.
Most of the loan products are agricultural based with only a few being non-agricultural.Members enjoy personal loans, business loans and even mortgage plans.The credit solutions provided carry specific names given by the lender.They include,Mazao loans,shirika loans,dharura loans,boresha loans, soko loans,jijenge loans,rent zaidi and much more.Other credit solutions available at the Century MFB are Overdrafts,Insurance premium financing and trade financing.

Location: KK Plaza, 1st Floor, New Pumwani Road, Gikomba
Tel: 0756305132 | 0722168721
Email: info@century.co.ke

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