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Barclay's Kenya Own Your Dream Home campaign

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own your home campaign Barclay's kenya
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@barclaysbankkenya The Barclay's bank of kenya is giving Kenyans the opportunity of its kind to own homes through a campaign dubbed #OwnYourDreamHome .Customers who have been renting apartments or bungalows are now encouraged to take advantage of the offer which ends on May 26 this year.

Mortgage Offers.
There is a merciless decrease of the interest rate to a low of 14.9%pa from 18.5%pa.The mortgages have been split into four groups. The amount of loan can be as high as ksh2million for Nairobi residents and ksh1.5million for other locations.

Mortgage Groups

  • Home loan straight purchase for ready made homes.Financing will be up to 90% the market value.
  • Equity Release will be financed up to 80% of its value.
  • Construction loan for customers with ready owned plots. Construction of a home will be up to 100% the cost of the home.
  • Buy to Let for landlords. Financing will be up to 70% the value of the houses.
Interested people can visit any Barclay's bank branch near them.


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