Bank CEO chats intensifies to redefine Banking and Finance this quarter.

kba chat with a ceo
My chat with a CEO
"My chat with a CEO" is a members only forum started bavk in the year 2012 by the Kenya Bankers Association( KBA) done through the internet meant to bring clarity in the banking sector in relation to it customers.Since then,the forum have been active ,giving Kenyans opportunities to enquire and learn more about how banking works for the benefit of the all Kenyans and the Kenyan economy.

How can one participate
For a Kenyan to participate in the discussions, registration through the website is a must.Registered members then have a chance to ask the CEO covering that particular topic some questions to be better informed.Bank bosses are allocated specific topics,
days and hours for the discussion to take place. Each quarter of the year carries a specific them concerning Banking and Finance.

Scheduled this quarter
This quarter's theme is Redefining banking and finance in kenya. Here is the schedule;
  1. Mwangi Githaiga,CEO,KWFT will host the topic 'women in business'  on 20th May 2016 from 10am to 11am
  2. Tim Gitonga,CEO,equatorial Commercial Bank(ECB) will cover the topic 'Building Capacity of SMEs on 27th May 2016 from 10am to 11am
  3. On 3rd June 2016,from 10am to 11am,Fazal Saib,CEO,First Community Bank will cover the topic 'Understanding Islamic Banking'.
Catch up with your CEOs this year.


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