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APA insurance policies kenya
APA Insurance
@APAInsurance is part of the Apollo Group of companies specialized in insurance and investment. APA insurance covers both individuals and corporates in kenya and Uganda against general,health and life risks.The insurer's Kenyan branch is regulated by Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA).

Risks Covered By APA insurance Kenya
APA grouped risks into three categories;

General risks .
General risks covered include ; fire,personal accidents,motor,liabilities, agriculture calamities,property and micro insurance.
Tailor made insurance policies under this group at the APA include;

  • Motor Ad+vantage- compensation to loss of motor vehicle after an accident.
  • Flexpac insurance- compensation for total disability or death.
  • Ukarimu bora- is a single policy for risks in hospitality industry.
  • Kopa bima -its a personal accident cover.
  • Linda salo- compensation to individuals in the event of job loss due downsizing or retrenchment.
  • Multiperil crop insurance - covers physical loss or damage to crops due to calamities.
  • Golfers- covers golf equipments damage in transit or by calamities and third party claims like accidents or and accidental loosing a game.
  • Greenhouse and floriculture- covers damage of greenhouse and or crops by calamities or during theft.
  • Vetcare- covers pets death caused by illness, accident, curling or intentional death to save pet from extreme agony.
Health risks.
APA covers individual health risks,corporate health risks and family health risks.Health policies at APA include;

  • Femina- cover for breast or cervical cancer.
  • Emergency Rescue(card)- covers rescue purpose treatment.
  • Final journey -cover immediate burial costs.
Life risks.
The life insurance policies include;

  • Pension plan- covers retirement benefits.
  • APA elimu- covers education for children.
  • Imarika- covers the fulfilments of a future plan.
  • Hosicare- Covers medical emergences.
  • Salary insurance.
 APA Contacts
To get more information about the size of premiums for each insurance policy ,please contact APA offices through this phone number; 020 286 2000

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