Standard Chartered Bank Kenya (SCB); Loans, Contacts

Standard chartered bank kenya
Standard chartered bank kenya limited popularly stanchart is one among the oldest commercial banks licensed to operate in kenya.It started its operations in Mombasa in 1911 when kenya was still under colonial financial guidelines. Stanchart bolsts being the first foreign bank to operate in the country.

As Loans Kenya we focus on loan products provided by financial institutions in kenya.

Stanchart credit solutions.
  • Personal unsecured and secured loans - provided to both individuals and corporates.
  • Auto loans- stanchart provide car finance solutions to all clients.
  • Mortgages- individuals and businesses can apply for general mortgage loans,home loans and non residents mortgages.
  • Salary overdraft- stanchart customers holding current accounts can get salary overdrafts.
Contact Stanchart for more.
Mobile phone numbers;
  • 0722 203666
  • 0732 143900

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