Kenyan Categories, Banker Africa Awards- East Africa 2016

#BankerAfricaAwards 2016 are here.Run by Business Daily Africa and CPI Financials, the Banker Africa Awards ,East Africa version will run from 14th April to 10th May when the winners will be announced.

These awards are meant to recognise not the largest commercial banks in the region as per capital base but the most advanced in technology and customer friendliness among other factors.
As Loans Kenya we are going to highlight categories for Kenyan financial institutions to this prestigious financial award ceremony though the awards cover nominees from all East African nations.
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banker Africa awards
Banker Africa Awards 2016

Awards Nominees Categories for Kenya.

  1. Best retail bank -East Africa
  2. Best SME bank -East Africa
  3. Most innovative bank-East Africa
  4. Best Islamic bank-East Africa
  5. Best Investment bank-East Africa
  6. Best corporate governance bank-East Africa
  7. Best SME bank-Kenya
  8. Best Retail bank-Kenya
  9. Best commercial bank -Kenya
  10. Best emerging bank-kenya
  11. Best customer service bank -Kenya
  12. Best payment solutions provider
  13. Best core banking system
  14. Best corporate bank- East Africa
  15. Best customer service bank -East Africa
  16. Best mobile banking service-East Africa
  17. Best online platform -East Africa
  18. Most innovative technology provider
  19. Best corporate bank -Kenya
  20. Best investment bank -Kenya
  21. Best online platform -Kenya
  22. Best microfinance bank -Kenya
  23. Best commercial bank -East Africa
24. Best technology provider.

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