Use a helb loan to start a blogging business while still in campus.

Are you in campus? Are you financing  your education through a helb loan?Government sponsored students in kenyan universities financed by the helb loan get an excess of ksh10000 per year after clearing their school fees.What are you doing with this money?Let nobody lie to you.Life is still waiting for you outside in the real world.
I know campus life is full of fun,but also consider doing something -a business.What kind of a business can I do? Relax! I know you don't have much time to go out looking for stock or customers that's why I choose for you a 'blogging business' because you enjoy as you do it and its the customers that will be looking for you.

-Blogging will need access to the internet. I don't advise students to use school computers for blogging because most don't allow it.This means you need to have your own blogging equipments and its simple a smart phone(going for ksh7000) as laptops and Ipads are too expensive.
-You can then save ksh 3500 both from the first and second disbursements in your first year.Now you can buy your smart phone because that's all you needed. Remember to use the helb loan surplass in the other years of your study to take care of any outstanding fee balances.
- Blogging is simple publishing up to date content into the internet where people can access it.Content can be in the form of texts,photos,graphics, videos or any other media files.A photo blogger will be publishing photos while a fashion blogger will use texts and other media files for example photos &videos.
-Blogging for business will mean publishing high quality content for the purpose of gaining something (money).
-Now, there are both self hosted and freely hosted blogs.I will talk about free hosting blogs because self hosted blogs requires one to pay.There are many free blogging platforms like wordpress,weebly&tumblr but I prefer '' because its simple and it's directly connected to Google Adsense which you'll need to monetlse your content later and that's the purpose of this post today.
(Always ask for help for anything techy from friends or experts)
-Remember you bought a smart phone.It's time to use it now.
-Use your phone browser and go to
-From blogger,create an account. This will be your Google account.Finally, you'll be redirected to where you can create your first blog now.
-Choosing a blogging topic can be tricky but must be something you can never run dry of thoughts and its loved by many people.It can be about sports,news,fashion,entertaiment,education,business or even health&fitness.
-While still in, write your preferred blog title and address.
-Download the blogger app and install it on your phone. Finally use this app to easily write and publish your first post.
-If you fear taking risks you fear doing business.Just like any other business,here there is no guarantee that you'll earn money each and every month end.
-With a good number of total monthly page views that is after blogging for more than three months,you can then proceed to apply for a Google Adsense Account by clicking on the 'earnings' tab from your blogger dashboard.
-If your application gets approved, you'll start showing google ads on your blog.You'll then be paid whenever blog visitors click on the ads.
-Finally you'll be earning while learning.I believe its the best thing ever that will happen to any student.
Remember, the blog will be with you even after campus.You can even upgrade now and use a custom domain.
Think bout it?                                                 

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