Transnational Bank - The Enterprising Bank

Transnational Bank is one of the more than fourty commercial banks licensed to operate in kenya.The banking and lending services provider, headquartered in Nairobi kenya is best known for its unending zeal to support agribusiness in the country. Apart from developing an agribusiness course at strathmore university,last year, Transnational bank also went into a partnership with BrazAgro to bring improvised Silos to cereal farmers at affordable credit terms

Loans on display
Transnational bank provides all banking services to its clients the recent being Chapaa Popote, the mobile accessible services retrieved through dialing USSD code *862#.However, as Loans Kenya, our focus is mostly on loan products. Apart from tailor made loan products, the credit solutions on display currently include;Hazina loan, Salary Advance, School fees loan, Asset finance and Agrifinance.

or 2252188/91

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