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Receiving Mpesa Statements From Safaricom.

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Both individuals and businesses using Mpesa must have thought of knowing their past transactions.Just like commercial banks and other financial institutions,Safaricom has made available the ability to get a Mpesa statement, though for the last past month.Financial statements are a crucial part in any business or individual budgeting. Safaricom started sending messages to it's subscribers about the same from last month.
What an Mpesa statement constitutes include information about money sent( for example to individuals,to banks, Lipa na Mpesa or through pay bill numbers), money received(from individuals, from banks) and money spent(for example buying airtime or data bundles).This statement is also a proof that a given transaction happened.

How to ask for the statement
Previously, Safaricom used to send these min statements directly to subscribers SMS inbox. Recently, they changed and started sending these information directly to subscribers' inboxes.
With a Safaricom line installed into your mobile phone, dial *234*2# to register your email address first. You'll receive a message like this;

"You have successfully registered on 21-03-2016 02:03 PM. You will be receiving your M-PESA statement by the 5th day of every month.
Note, this is my own example. Remember, the email address will be that which you will have registered,not

Subsequently you will receive another message from Safaricom again;

"Your M-PESA Statement has been sent to your email address To change your email address dial *234*2#, select M-PESA Statement then Change E-mail."

Now you will be done.Visit your inbox for the statement.For privacy reasons, we can't upload our Mpesa statement here.Thanks.

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