4 Online Loan Vendors/Brokers

Loan brokers or vendors are not very popular in the lending business in kenya.Loan brokers should mean individuals or businesses helping borrowers get cheap and suitable loans from the right lenders.

They charge the lenders a certain commission after every successful loan amount disbursed.I have stated earlier, the law is not clear on loan brokers, thus they charge varied negotiable rates per lender.

Every Kenyan know how tedious it is when it comes to finding the right affordable credit facilities,that's why brokers become handy.Loan brokers can be general or specialized. Those who are specialized may be personal loan brokers, business loan brokers,asset loan brokers or mortgage loan brokers .

Majority of the borrowers use the internet (due to its convenience) to find and apply for loans through brokers nowadays.Due to this reason, most brokers moved to the web, allowing borrowers to apply for loans online.

Do you know who are the online general loan brokers in kenya?

Kenya Loans
Kenya loans provide online loan application forms for any potential borrower.A borrower can select the kind of application form suited to their needs ranging from business loans, personal loans, unsecured or secured loans to salary advances.From Kenya loans
' We have recently established more partnerships with lending institutions in Kenya and can now confidently invite you to fill in our online loan application forms. Once we receive your application we will forward it to the best matched lending institution'.Please visit www.kenyaloans.com to apply now..

pata mkopo

Pata Mkopo

Pata mkopo is the latest online loan broker in kenyaYou choose the kind of loan you want to apply for example car loan, home loan, business loan or micro credit Fill the online loan application forms and apply.Pata mkopo will contact you.Check how it's described;
Search & Bargain for the best loan interest rate from over 43 banks in Kenya for FREE. Shorten what would otherwise be the long Safari of getting competitive financing for your yourself or business with patamkopo.Simple.Convenient.Reliable. Visit www.patamkopo.co.ke to apply today.

Pesa web
This is not a broker as such but simple makes you know which lender especially commercial banks gives the lowest interest rate for a given loan amount. It is a fintech company that helps you compare different loan and mortgage rates in the market and helps borrowers make the right choice.Pesa web also give insurance quotes from leading insurance companies and help save borrowers' that money.

Loans kenya
More than just loans. Not to be confused with loanskenya.blogspot.com , Loanskenya.com gives borrowers a chance to shop around the best loan rates before settling with one lender.It's not a broker too but seems to be heading there.

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