Lenders are not presenters like Kanze Dena,you are not to watch them but they are supposed to finance your success.

Financiers are the right people to befriend in business.They are never like presenters to be watched only.Ofcourse I have used Kanze Dena in this context to represent all presenters in kenya.This is beause Kanze Dena,the Giriama queen and a kiswahili news anchor at the CitizenTv, remains the most adored in the nation.
Let us forget about the media thing.I want you to know and work with loan facility givers available and suitable to you.But before you know others know yourself first.Self orientation will include gender (as there are loans specifically for women), employment status(unemployed,salaried,self-employed),skills,belongings /property and residency.Once you know all these, the next then will be who can be your financiers.
There are several lending institutions like comercial banks,saccos ,credit companies(platinum credit kenya) ,venture capitalits(Grofin) and individuals like shylocks.

Now this is what you should know;
1)If you are unemployed,meaning you do not have anything to save ,then think venture capitalists and shylocks.Let your business idea do the convincing.Here you need a viable idea to make the approached party to give out money without considering much about your poor financial status.
2)if you are self-employed ,comercial banks (preferrable where your account is) and saccos (preferrable dealing with members in your business line only) can be the right financiers to you.You can as well join a group to create a savings pool at a certain bank where you can borrow as individuals.
3)Lastily, if are salaried then the choice is yours.Though there are different rules for government employees and private sector employees when it comes to lending, all banks, shylocks,saccos and venture capitalists can easily befriend you.
Where do you belong? Don't say you can't because now you know you can.Do you need a personal help? Comment below and I'll help you.                       

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