Equity Bank Kenya's Jikokoa Loans .

customer given jikokoa at equity bank

The equity bank of kenya in partnership with Burn Manufacturing kenya is giving out Jiko Okoa stoves on credit to it's customers.The Jiko okoa modern stoves manufactured by Kenya's Burn Manufacturing is the latest, safest and efficient stove ever made in the world.

Jikookoa loan
In addition to it's ever growing list of merchandise loan products,the Equity Bank thought of making its customers life comfortable even at the kitchen. The loan facility is available to existing or new customers with active accounts with the bank.The process of applying for the jikokoa loan starts with visiting any nearest Equity bank branch in kenya.Enquiry if the jikokoa stock is still available. Fill in the loan application forms.If you get approved, you walk away with the stove right away. You then pay the jikokoa loan in small monthly instalments.Other merchandise loans from equity bank include; Dstv, Gotv financing & Startimes decorder financing,Chloride exide battery financing among others.

The Jikokoa is the world’s most advanced, fuel efficient, and affordable charcoal stove. Developed by a team of engineers and designers in the USA, the Jikokoa stove cooks twice as fast with half the charcoal. Its advanced design uses a high-efficiency combustion chamber, light-weight ceramic insulation, and cool-touch handles to create a faster cooking, cleaner burning, safer and more economical jiko. The Jikokoa reduces the amount of charcoal used by 60% and reduces smoke and harmful emissions by more than 60%.

Where jikokoa is found
Apart from getting jikokoa from the Equity bank, one can still buy this stove on cash basis from Tuskys supermarkets, Nakumatt supermarkets, Naivas supermarkets or at Ismart.It costs between ksh3000 to ksh4000.

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