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Title Deeds
Several 'Loans Kenya' blog readers have been asking about loans against their title deeds from us.I have a title deed, can I use it as security for a loan?Can I borrow against my land title deed? In Kenya the law allows legitimate owner of a valued land title deed to borrow a loan against it.The question is which lenders easily accepts land title deeds.

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There are a lot of tedious procedures before accepting a title as collateral for example hiring Valuers, physical land visiting among others. Enough said.Below find the groups of lenders who can easily recommend and approve a borrower for a loan with a title deed.

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Saccos/Deposit taking microfinance institutions

Savings and credit cooperative societies popular 'saccos' and deposit taking microfinace institutions are the most friendly lenders in the history of borrowing.

The reason being that people form saccos purposely for their benefit unlike commercial banks which wants profits.

Fellow members in a Sacco know and understand you better.This means if you want to borrow a loan using your title deed, they easily approve it because they already know your land in question and the loan purpose.

Credit managers do not look much into the title but into the guarantors savings.

In Kenya, popular saccos and deposit taking microfinance institutions include;Faulu,Kwft, Imarika sacco,Harambee sacco,Unaitas,Stima sacco,kwetu sacco,Mentor sacco,Milango financial services, Rafiki bank,Mombo sacco,Jamii Bora bank,Mabisa sacco,Century,Zawadisha just to mention a few.


Shylocks accept land title deed as collateral more easily than Saccos.The reason why Shylocks can't top our list is the high percentage of 'ill intention'.They ever pray that you may default in the loan repayment which will see the land ownership turn to them.They have ready money, but be careful with your loan repayment.

Venture capitalists

If your intention for the loan applied for against your land title deed is 'business purpose' especially startups,then venture capitalist can be handy. You'll simply provide the land and venture capitalist will use that land for productivity. The two of you will share ownership. Examples of venture capitalists include; Da Silva Group,Grofin,Nairobi garage,Seed Capital investment, Investeq capital, Jacana capital,AfricInvest, Fasini among others.

Commercial banks

Every Kenyan know how hard it is to obtain a loan from our Kenyan banks. The reason being how to make profits and avoid high rates of defaulting in general.For a title loan in specific, it's extremely tedious as earlier explained. Banks come at the end of our list because of high rate of title deed loan denial.We guess only one (1) out of fifty (50) get approved for a title loan.You know who are friends to banks, Civil servants and TSC employees.

There are over fourty commercial banks in kenya.Just try your luck and good luck!

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