Imarika Sacco - How To Apply For Loans and Contact Phone Numbers

Imarika Sacco was initially known as Kilifi Teachers Cooperative Society but when its membership bursted out of 'teachers' and 'kilifi residents' target circle, its name changed to Imarika, a Swahili word meaning 'gain strength' or 'become stable'. Now its an international cooperative society and anyone can join.

Loan Products

Members are free to only submit monthly savings or even decide to bank other cash with Imarika.This leads to two loan products categories.


Back Office Service Activities (BOSA)loans are given to those clients who are purely providing membership savings only at imarika.
BOSA long-term loans include ;Development loan, smart loan and karibu loan.
BOSA medium term loans include ;Scholar plus loan and swift loan.
BOSA short-term loans include ;emergency loan and school fees loan.


Front Office Service Activities (FOSA)loans are available to clients who apart from contributing the normal membership savings, they also bank with Imarika.
FOSA medium term loans include ;Development loan, scholar plus loan and ufanisi loan.
FOSA short term loans include ;emergency loan, school fees loan and imarika vijana loan.
FOSA salary advances include ;Prestige advance, ordinary advance,one month advance and advance top up.

I have decided to keep a lot of information like loan amounts repayment, periods or duration  and interest rates because it's until when you are a member, you will know the rest.

Imarika Sacco Contacts 

  • Email;
  • Call; 0726007037 or 0771007037 or 0782007037
  • Landlines ; 041 7522572 or 041 7525017



  1. I have paid my commitment fee but imekataa kuconfirm why please help and I have already paid the money to your account


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