Remu,Faulu,Sumac Set To Flow Cash To SMEs

Analysis shows that Kenyans ate easily willing to take loans from micro lenders instead of borrowing from big banks!Do you agree with this analysis? Now the forefront micro financiers, Remu microfinance, Faulu DTM and Sumac DTM have started to source deep pools of cash bases to flow cash loans to SMEs come next year.

Remu will be selling shares worth sh345m by next year.
The micro lender targets a total of sh1.7bn in three years to sufficiently help small businesses grow to unimaginable levels.

Faulu, popularly known for its extremely low rates(12%) had to go for a sh.1bn loan from the universal lender, European Investment Bank.This money is set to benefit clients in small businesses.

Sumac DTM borrowed sh100m from Regmifa based in Luxembourg to add to its finance base.

Though its too risky to save with small financial institutions(the imperial bank proved this) but I think from the above big preparations its worthy trying. Mama mboga,boda boda riders,cafe owners and all small businesses can ride in this. SOURCE ;BUSINESS DAILY

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