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Equity Bank

Stima loans were introduced about three years ago by Kenya power and lighting company(KPLC) in partnership with international companies & NGOs and the Kenyan government. More than three hundred thousand households were set to benefit from this loan facility. Did you get the light?

Okay, I know not everybody is in the light but still need to enjoy this 'blessing'.Where can one apply for a stima loan? Looks simple but not everybody knows which kenyan financial institutions give out stima loans, mkopo wa stima! Am sure many want to borrow because apart from generally lighting our homes ,electricity is life to electronics.The gadget I used to write this post uses
electricity and yes its true!

Back to the topic of the day 'where to get stima loans?'Am sorry if there are other lenders here in Kenya giving out stima loans that I'll leave out but as for now I know only three excluding Kenya power itself.If you visit the KPLC branch offices ,they'll be ready to help in filling in the 'new stima enquiry' forms, do the survey of your premises and present you with a quotation. Now ,what will happen because you don't have the cash?

1) Jamii Bora Bank

Jamii Bora Bank is the premier partner and the biggest supplier of stima loan . The application process starts with filling in an enquiry form at KPLC branch offices. Get the quotation. Finally fill a stima bora application form from Jamii bora bank branch Or at KPLC branch.If you get approved for the stima bora loan, simply wait for power connection after paying some small fees to Jamii Bora Bank.

2)Kenya women finance trust (KWFT)

The KWFT, a deposit taking Micro-finance institution introduced several energy loan products to its members with the stima loan included.'Mwanamke ni nyumba' therefore the house must be bright, clean and with light!Other energy loan products include LPG gas loan and biogas loan . The application process will involve visiting KWFT offices and filling in the new stima enquiry form which will then be submitted to KPLC by KWFT. After a quotation comes back to KWFT ,you'll be required to fill in stima loan application forms.If approved, electricity connection will follow.

3) Equity Bank.

The listening and caring partner ,and the most popular due to its excessive community participation, the Equity bank is the third in my list of financial institutions that support stima loan. The stima loan application process is similar to that of KWFT. Just visit the bank and ask for the stima loan package. You'll fill in the KPLC enquiry forms which will then be sent to KPLC. When the quotation will be ready , you'll then fill in loan application forms.if approved, wait for the stima connection and that's it.

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  1. It's now five years without electricity power,ye am within Jua Kali centre,application after application,plz help me find stima loan


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