Loans Against Goods From Mombo Investment

Is it leasing? I have been receiving a lot of questions from my fellow Kenyans who are really in dire need of soft loans to be repaid in just within a few months.The loans range between ksh1000 to ksh100000.Do you know why you can't borrow? Its because you don't qualify for a loan! What next ? Are you going to remain that way for life? Do you know what is leasing?
  Today there's Olx which is very famous but do you really needed to sale you laptop or car? If you simple needed money consider leasing.Though there are very
few established independent leasing companies, these people are very handy at times.Let me talk about 'Mombo',a financial services company in Kenya.
 Situated in Nairobi Kenya at the Landmark Plaza ,these guys give out a variety of loan facilities including salary advance loans ,title deed loans ,logbook loans and what I liked and thought I should share was the Pawner loans.
  This pawner loan works like this.You bring your valuables for example laptops, jewellery watches, art ,cameras or anything for valuation. Then the Mombo people will give you some loan against your good(s) and that's it . Because you wanted the money for a short period but your goods for a lifetime ,you can repay the loan within less than six months and have your commodities back!

 What do you have to say about this? Note that, this is different from the usual collateral you would provide against a loan from KWFT ,KCB or any other lending institution.
  If you know any of such leasing company that can serve even those clients with small commodities or you have anything about mombo,leave a comment


  1. my wife is sick i need a emergency loan


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