AAR Credit and Bright launched a loan package

 I know you are used to the famous AAR insurance company in Kenya which covers everybody against diverse calamities in life.Yes your are right but the company is growing. Apart from collecting premium which is the major source of benefits gained by insurers ,AAR developed a new limb, long enough and prepared to reach for 'interest' hence the origination of AAR Credit. But what is 'Bright? I have talked much enough to give an clear overview about AAR Credit.Bright or Bright Technologies Limited is a fast growing tech company based in Nairobi Kenya specialising in selling digital gadgets.
 Then why did the two companies come together?
What loan package came out of their partnership? Stop asking too many questions.The thing is AAR wanted to collect interest from its borrowers while Bright on the other hand wanted to get buyers for their goods.You know the objective of this blog 'Loans Kenya' is to inform borrowers of anything concerning loans or credit so that they can quickly take advantage of it.
 So, what does the package carry?Okay. This package covers everybody from salaried individuals to self employed to SMEs to corporates. Where do you belong?There are laptops, desktops, smartphones and more other gadgets all on credit.Thinking of starting a cybercafé or bring in computers in your corporate offices? A aah just mentioning some examples.
 How it works? Visit Bright Technologies premises in Nairobi at Ground floor, old mutual building, Kimathi street and ask for the loan application forms after choosing the item or items you wish to buy on credit. The filled in forms will be forwarded to AAR Credit for evaluation.
  What you need to know now?
1)The loan will cover 70% of the total value of the gadgets. Therefore, you must provide 30% as deposit.
2) The minimum loan amount is ksh15000
3) The loan will be repaid within a period of 1 2 months at an interest rate of 2.5% per month.
4) There's a processing fee of 4% and 3.01% as premium for the gadget because it's going to be insured.
5) As usual with lenders ,you'll need to provide ID or Passport ,payslips ,PIN certificate for businesses/corporates, bank statements.
  The loan processing will be within one week. Disapproved loans will get applicants refunded their deposits.
  I have been advising people for some time now and what I know is that people fear much when so many documents get mentioned by the lenders.That should not get one afraid because some of them are in your reach.
  You are now updated!

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