Kenyan personal loans for digital electronic devices

This is a digital kenya! I know you agree with me.But can everyone afford to finance the purchase of the rightful device to get them right into the talked about era without seeking the credit services of a bank, a sacco or a shylock?

What is being digital? Here at Loans! kenya we simplify everything digital to owning a smart tv and digital box plus a smart phone, an iPad, a tablet ,a desktop or a laptop after partying away with a certain amount of money. Many times, the DOTCOM generation might not have the ready cash to buy the gadgets but ready urge to be 'digital'! What will happen?

Personal loans from various lenders can do but they are too general. Special personal loans, I mean loans made specifically for an intended purpose serve best. I know if you are a member of a given sacco in kenya like Unaitas, Imarika, Milango, Faulu Kenya just to mention a few or you have a good credit report achieved through a good interaction with commercial banks like KCB, Equity Bank, NIC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank, Chase Bank or any other bank in kenya, you are eligible to borrow with a high possibility of getting approved but special intended purpose loans are better both in their terms, disbursement and benefits.

There are so many lenders in kenya that I cant cover them all here. Don't hesitate to add any opportunity you know. Remember, we are talking about being digital.
There's the Mwalimu Laptops loan offered by the equity bank of kenya which targets teachers employed by Teachers Service Commission who wish to be digital. Equity Bank also went into a partnerships with digital tv companies-Multichoice and Startimes- to give out DStv, GOtv and Startimes digital boxes to Kenyans in form of loans.The Kenya Women Finance Trust went into partnership with Samsung East Africa to give Kenyan women mobile phones in form of soft loans.

If you prefer to add more loans that take Kenyans into the digital world add them below as comments. I know now you know.


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