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Data bundle loans in kenya

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You don't have the cash but you need more data bundles to push on with your online activities!Apart from Okoa bundles, a light loan given by Safaricom ,Express Lenders will give you more than bundles.
Who are Express lenders?They are a community agency company in kenya specialising in Safaricom Data and Loans.Their aim is to ensure best internet experience in kenya.Before you can borrow from them, you must join their community and enjoy security free loans
.There are two places you can join to enjoy the services;
1).Data Bundles Sale Kenya on Facebook.
2).Raini Consultants website.
Loan characteristics :
-Its only available to Safaricom suscribers.
-This loan is in form of M-pesa ,you can choose later to buy data bundles or withdraw the cash.
-At the moment, loan amount range from kes500 to kes2000.
-Loan will be repayable within 2 weeks.
-Interest rate is 10%per 2weeks.
-There is no security for this loan.
Qualifications :
-No documents are required.
-Borrower must have been a member for at least 6 months, have spent at least kes 2000 and the last transaction must have happened not more than 3 weeks ago.
Approved loans will be sent to you via M-pesa.Repay through the same number when the loan is due.
Convinced? Try them.     

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