What Jamii safi sanitation loan can do.

Majority of kenyans do not have latrines even the pit ones simple because they can't afford to finance it's construction.Don't worry. Here at 'loans kenya' we will direct you to the right lenders especially commercial banks in kenya.
As important as eating,cutting weight needs a designated place equally.This will help in maintaining good sanitation practices.Sanitation is a wide term covering all about environmental cleanliness.The equity bank of kenya has Jamii Safi Loan specifically made for financing sanitation activities.
Jamii Safi Loan
-It's available to equity bank customers with more than three months operational accounts.
-It's available to both individuals and groups.
-Jamii safi loan is for financing pit latrine and toilets, biogas digester,septic tank  construction and connection to sewer lines.
-Up to 100% financing and repayment is up to 36months.
If you need a toilet, try jamii safi loan. 

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