Imarika Sacco added new personal loans.

Imarika is not a bank as such but its a financial service provider categoried as a cooperative society in kenya.Formerly known as Kilifi Teachers Sacco,Imarika is currently one of the established  microfinance lenders in kenya giving out loans to it's members.Talking about members,Imarika is now welcoming any person to join as opposed to Kilifi Teachers Sacco
which used to cater for Kenya National Union of Teachers registered teachers only.
Here at Loans Kenya,we talk about credit matters rather than saving matters.Therefore I will be talking about the loan facilities the name Imarika brought on board.
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Apart from Karibu loan,Mavuno tele loan,Jenga vijana loan,scholar plus loan and emergency loan which I will talk of later,today I will just highlight the latest personal loan packages at Imarika.
1.Dividend advance loan
This loan is for shareholders earning dividends through an Imarika account.Borrowers get their loans recovered from their divindend.
The loan amount varies per borrower but the interest rate is 6.5%pa
2.Holiday advance loan.
This loan is simple a payday loan or a salary advance.The loan amount varies per member. The loan will be recovered from that month's salary.The interest rate is 3% per month.
3.Mkopo hewani loan(e-loan)
Borrowers apply online for this loan because this is an e-loan.Whatever amount you'll borrow as per your capability to repay,the interest rate will be 10%pa

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