Hashi gas financing ,a help to embracing tidiness in our kitchens.

Hashi gas financing is a loan package offered by Equity Bank of Kenya in partnership with Hashi Energy.You might need a lender to help financing the purchase of a gas cylinder.Its not a crime.
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Hashi gas financing not very new but I thought some people may need to know.You know it's not that good to use fire wood.Its smoky you know.It encourages untidiness too.It's therefore time to upgrade and start using gas in your kitchen.
I know you want to apply for a hashi gas cylinder now.You need to an account holder with the equity bank and follow these steps;
-Visit any Hashi Energy station ,or Engen Station or any well known supermarket and ask for a proforma.
-Fill the proforma in and take it to the nearest equity bank branch a for a credit review.
-If approved, the bank will issue you wit a collection note which will be used to collect your hashi gas cylinder from your preffered retailer.
If this suits you, you can give it a try.
Good luck.

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